‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks’ wife says she’s divorcing him after his kissing photos with Topshop heiress

It sounds like Jeremy Meeks, who made headlines in 2014 for having a seriously sexy mugshot, is headed for divorce.

After the felon-turned-model was recently spotted smooching Topshop heiress Chloe Green during a posh Mediterranean yacht cruise, Jeremy’s wife, Melissa Meeks, is breaking her silence.

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Melissa, 38, tells the Daily Mail that their “marriage is over,” and that she had “no idea” her 33-year-old husband was even with Chloe, daughter of billionaire and Topshop founder Sir Philip Green. Chloe, who also posted an image of herself alongside Jeremy and his manager, has since deleted her Instagram account.

Melissa says the images cut like a “dagger through the heart” and left her feeling “humiliated.”

“I know it takes two to tango but she knew he was married. To me, that’s unforgivable,” Melissa says to the UK publication. “My whole world has been torn apart by this. What do I tell our children? My heart is broken. My marriage wasn’t perfect but I thought it could be saved, until this happened.”

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Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Can’t Get Enough Of His Rich Girlfriend Topshop Heiress Chloe Green

Posted on Sun Jul 23rd, 2017 7:45am PDT       By X17 Staff

Enough already! These two appear to be in a contest for the Biggest Fame Ho Award … and they’re tied!

Topshop heiress Chloe Green has her jewel-covered claws deep into hot convict Jeremy Meeks who hit the runway in Paris recently for Fashion Week and then went straight to vacay in Turkey to join Chloe on her dad’s yacht. Ahhh, yes — such is our society these days that a dude who gets famous for his sexy mugshot suddenly skyrockets to fame, is “discovered” by a modeling agency, is hired by the hottest labels in fashion to represent them on the catwalk and then ditches his wife and kid for a younger, less hot, but super-rich heiress to the Topshop fortune. Uh … good for him?!

We spotted the two — and by spotted, I mean, followed the scent they left for all the paparazzi to follow — at LA’s Grove outdoor shopping mall Friday evening, walking hand-in-hand, smiling for the cameras and making out when they were sure our lenses were in focus. Awww, so sweet!

Meeks’ recently filed for divorce from his

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Ponchatoula Police arrest escapee from Washington with arrest record in 7 other states

A man was arrested in Ponchatoula earlier this week after it was discovered he was wanted by the Washington State Department of Corrections, according to a release. 

James Dean Duncan, 30, was arrested Thursday after police were called to the Circle K on Highway 22 for reports of a man harassing customers and acting suspiciously. Officers performed a warrant check and discovered Duncan was wanted for “failure to register as a sex offender,” and also listed as an escapee. 

Duncan’s criminal history indicated he had been arrested in seven other states. His mugshot shows multiple facial tattoos, several of which appear to be in the style of the villain “Joker” from the “Batman” series. 

“The City of Ponchatoula is not the place for criminals to hide,” said Chief Bry Layrisson in a news release. “Whether you commit crimes in our city, or are here on the run, Ponchatoula Police will bring you to justice.”

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Man arrested in Myers Park, Dilworth sexual assaults committed just days apart

Police credit witnesses for helping them identify and arrest a man suspected of a sexual assault in Myers Park on Wednesday and another one in Dilworth on Friday morning.

In the first incident, police accuse Larry Jarome Bailey, 21, of grabbing and fondling a young woman who was out walking around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday on Briarcliff Place, off Queens Road East. A police report said he tried to restrain the victim against her will.

The assailant told the victim he had a gun, but she managed to get away, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Lt. Melanie Peacock told reporters at CMPD headquarters Friday afternoon. The man had twice driven past the victim before leaving his car and attacking her, Peacock said.


A nearby witness called 911 and described the car, police said. The witness snapped a photo of the car and its license plate, enabling police to obtain an arrest warrant for Bailey that same day, Peacock said.

Police were actively looking for Bailey when the second assault occurred at 5:51 a.m. Friday on East Boulevard at Cleveland Avenue in Dilworth.

The victim told police she was jogging when

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SC woman whose black-eyed mugshot went viral after SWAT standoff released

The Lancaster woman with black tattooed eyes whose mugshot went viral in April following a SWAT standoff received probation when she pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

Morgan Varn, 24, who was assisted by York County deputies with the birth of her child in 2015 in Fort Mill, pleaded guilty to strong armed robbery late Thursday. She had been charged in April with kidnapping, armed robbery and malicious damage to property.

Varn’s booking photo, with black eyes and facial and neck tattoos, became an internet phenomeon after it was released by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. The picture received mention in publications including the Daily Mail of England, the New York Daily News and others. Some news outlets called the image “haunting” and “terrifying.”

Hollywood Life said the Internet “freaked out” after the picture went worldwide.

Under a plea deal prosecutors offered Varn for strong armed robbery, she could be sentenced to probation under South Carolina’s youthful offender program.

“Given the facts and circumstances surrounding this case, this was the most appropriate resolution concerning her involvement,” said prosecutor Russell Parker, 6th Circuit assistant solicitor.

Varn had no previous

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Sex assaults in Myers Park, Dilworth this week lead to arrest of suspect Friday

Police have arrested a man suspected of a Wednesday attempted kidnapping and sexual assault of a teenage girl in Myers Park, authorities said.

Larry Jarome Bailey, 21, was arrested after police said he sexually assaulted an additional victim early Friday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said.


In the first incident, police said Bailey inappropriately touched a young woman around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday as she walked on Briarcliff Place, off Queens Road East. A police report said he tried to restrain the victim against her will.

The victim did not know Bailey, the police report said.

Bailey was arrested Friday after police received a call for a sexual assault at 5:51 a.m. at East Boulevard and Cleveland Avenue in Dilworth. Authorities said they had been looking for him in connection with the first attack when the second assault occurred.

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Man accused of shooting at AT&T trucks told police he went ‘bananas,’ report says

HIALEAH, Fla. – A Hialeah man who is accused of shooting up two ATT trucks Wednesday that were parked near his home told police that he went “bananas,” an arrest report said. 

Jorge Jove, 64, who is a retired firefighter, was released from jail at 2:25 a.m. Thursday after posting a $30,000 bond.

According to Hialeah police Sgt. Carl Zogby, ATT trucks were hanging lines on utility poles on a residential street in the 600 block of Southeast Fifth Place when Jove got upset and told the workers to move away from his home.

An arrest report states that Jove was angry because he feared that the trucks would damage the pavers on his driveway, even though the trucks were parked in front of the driveway, not on it.

Zogby said the workers told Jove that they would move as soon as possible, but needed to finish their work first and that they were parked on a public street.

Authorities said Jove came out of his home about an hour after exchanging words with the workers and started shooting at the trucks with a Ruger .357 revolver.

According to the arrest report, the shooting happened after the workers had already moved their trucks easterly on Fifth

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Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler arrested in St. Petersburg … – Florida Times

Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler was arrested Tuesday in his hometown of St. Petersburg on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery and mischief.

Fowler, 22, was arrested at 8:27 p.m. and released on $650 bond more than five hours later.

According to the police report and statement, Fowler was driving in an apartment complex at approximately 6:20 p.m. when a man walking “made a comment about Fowler’s driving.”

Although unrelated, Fowler’s off-the-field activity since being drafted by the Jaguars in April 2015 came to light on Wednesday, including a March 2016 arrest in Miami Beach.

Additionally, Fowler’s driving record includes traveling 98 mph in a 55-mph zone along Butler Boulevard about 1 a.m. in July 2016, and driving 99 mph in a 70-mph zone in Alachua County in March 2016.

None of Fowler’s incidents involve drugs, alcohol or domestic violence, which would subject him to an NFL suspension. But the two arrests and his driving issues could force the league office to act.

On Tuesday, Fowler stopped and exited his car and exchanged words with the man before the police report said Fowler “was observed punching the victim by an independent witness.”

The victim’s prescription glasses fell

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