Keyon Dilosa Arrested: Latest Details, Mugshot, Comments and Reaction

Missouri Tigers sophomore wide receiver Keyon Dilosa was suspended indefinitely from the team Wednesday following his arrest on suspicion of domestic violence. 

According to Tod Palmer of the Kansas City Star, police arrested Dilosa outside a Columbia, Missouri, bar at 12:48 a.m. Wednesday. A witness allegedly saw him punch a woman in the face, and police said Dilosa is in a relationship with the 20-year-old woman.

KOMU 8 News provided a look at Dilosa’s mugshot on Twitter:

Per Palmer, Mizzou associate athletic director Chad Moller released the following statement regarding Dilosa’s status: “We are aware of the situation and addressing it internally. He is suspended indefinitely while we work to learn more.”

According to Palmer, Dilosa was released from jail on $1,000 bond about three hours after his arrest and has yet to be formally charged.

Dilosa has appeared in just four games for the Tigers this season, making two catches for seven yards. The Round Rock, Texas, native hauled in 11 receptions for 86 yards as a freshman.

Missouri is not bowl-eligible with a record of

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Man Accused of Terrorizing El Segundo Residents With Air Horn

An air horn that sounds like a train has been terrorizing the residents of El Segundo for weeks, but police in the Southern California city have just arrested a man in connection with the noise — with air horn equipment inside his car, they say.

The bust came early Sunday at 4 a.m. — around the time many of the alarmingly loud incidents would occur.

“The sound is like a train coming through the neighborhood,” said El Segundo Police Lt. Ray Garcia.

The noise has been plaguing residents on the west side of the city for weeks. Police have received numerous reports of an extremely loud air horn going off before residents spot a getaway car, a blue four-door sedan driven by a man.

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Oftentimes, officers couldn’t catch the air horn blower because the person would blare the horn and then “beat feet,” police said. At times, officers on the east side of town could hear the noise and would hurry over, only to find that the perpetrator had taken off.

Sunday morning, officers once again heard

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Woman Arrested After Groping, Sexual Advances

NOVEMBER 28–While making a series of “unwelcome sexual advances,” a Florida woman allegedly groped one man’s genitals and tried to kiss a female victim, according to police who arrested the suspect early Saturday morning.

Responding to a 911 call about an intoxicated suspect, cops encountered Pamela Burnett, 53, outside a waterfront bar/restaurant in Fort Pierce.

Burnett, cops charge, had “been making unwelcome sexual advances toward numerous individuals chosen at random in the vicinity of the Inlet Bar.”

A male witness told police that Burnett made sexual advances towards him and four acquaintances (one of whom allegedly had his genitals groped by Burnett). The witness added that Burnett also tried to kiss a woman who walked past her.

Seen above, Burnett was “uncooperative” during police questioning and showed signs of intoxication (including “inability to balance herself” and “a consistent slurring of her words”).

Burnett was arrested after an officer concluded that she had “outraged the sense of public decency and was intoxicated in a public place and endangered the safety of herself and others around her.”

Burnett was booked into the county jail, from which she was later released after posting $375 bond. Burnett’s rap sheet includes two battery arrests, neither

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Centerton Police Chief Addresses Wrongful Arrest Of Fayetteville Football Player

CENTERTON (KFSM) — The Centerton police chief is reviewing his police department’s procedures following the wrongful arrest of Fayetteville High School starting running back earlier this month.

Chief Cody Harper had already issued an apology for the arrest of Terrance Rock, 18, on charges of burglary and theft of property, but said Monday (Nov. 28) standard procedures were not properly followed during the arrest and he is in the process of making changes.

“We are going to look at this process thoroughly and figure out what happened as far as why this went forward the way it did and figure out where the shortcomings came on our part to address the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Harper said he does not sign off on every arrest because that approval process goes through supervising sergeants.

“The biggest thing is actually having the procedures followed that we have in place as far as our approvals process and things being sent to the prosecuting attorney`s office for their approval, for their eyes and so forth, to make sure those things actually happen,” he said.

Rock’s attorney said the arrest has tarnished his reputation and aside from the mugshot, Rock was also arrested in school, which Harper

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Northborough man arrested after fleeing police

Norman Miller Daily News Staff
NORTHBOROUGH – A Northborough man briefly avoided arrest when officers called off a chase when he drove away from them, but was arrested at his home early Saturday morning, authorities said.

Police arrested Christopher Leavey, 32, at his 34 Milk Porridge Circle home at 12:55 a.m., police Sgt. James Scesny said.

Officers were on patrol at about 11:50 p.m. on Boundary Street when they say a Dodge sedan was driving toward them going in excess of 50 mph in a 30 mph zone, the sergeant said. Officers turned the cruiser around to stop the car, which increased its speed to more than 60 mph when it turned onto Main Street. The speed limit was 45.

The car stopped briefly, Scesny said.

“They (the officers) had a very brief conversation with him (Leavey), and the person took off,” said Scesny.

Officers gave chase, but Scesny said, due to the speed and weather conditions, he called the pursuit off. He said he was confident the officers could identify the driver, and later confirmed his identification due to a previous mugshot, the sergeant said.

Police arrested Leavey at his home and charged him with operating a vehicle with a suspended license, driving to endanger,

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Blue-haired Woman Arrested for Anti-Trump Graffiti


Surveillance video of a blue-haired woman allegedly defacing four Los Angeles County government buildings with vulgar and otherwise anti-Donald Trump graffiti on Sunday led to her arrest on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department described damage to “several historical Los Angeles monumental landmarks” at the hands of the vandal. The vandalism took place approximately just before 6 p.m. on Sunday evening. The Los Angeles Times referenced LASD spokesman Deputy Kelvin Moody when describing the blue spray-painted messages as “vulgarities about [President-elect Donald] Trump and other writings about the president-elect.”


Damage was sustained to the Hall of Justice, Hall of Records, Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center and the County of Los Angeles Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant.

Surveillance videos of the alleged crime were posted in one video online to the LASD Facebook page:

As one of the video clips shows, the blue haired suspect is walking down the sidewalk, then crosses over some grass to a wall, where the suspect pulls out a can and shakes it before applying paint to the structure.

On Tuesday officers with the Los Angeles Police Department detained a female suspect for possession of an open container while

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Woman arrested after falling through ceiling of Big Lots

Police say a woman was arrested last week after she broke into a Springfield Big Lots store, climbed into the ceiling and then came crashing down to the floor.

Amanda L. Chandler, 30, was charged Thursday with second-degree burglary after police say they found her rummaging through the cash register at Big Lots in the middle of the night.

According to a probable cause statement, police were dispatched to the Big Lots

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Who they are: Profiles emerge of the 120 people arrested in Portland’s Trump protests

Of the 120 people who have been handcuffed, cited or taken to jail during protests in Portland since the presidential election of Donald Trump, a varied portrait of the group has emerged — with a few surprises.

Arrest records, court files, social media accounts and voting records — as well as interviews with at least a dozen protesters — show:

  • The vast majority are Democrats, followed by those who chose not to affiliate with any party at all. One is a registered Republican.
  • Their average age is 26.
  • Three of every four are men.
  • Many have jobs, among them: A forklift operator, a Powell’s Book store clerk, a MOD Pizza worker, a Starbucks barista, a wooden-bicycle builder, a sexual assault victim’s advocate, a furniture maker, a screenwriter, a musician.
  • At least a dozen are homeless.
  • A few are newly minted high school graduates from campuses scattered across the metro area, including Lincoln High School, Aloha High School and Liberty High School. Others are Portland State University students. One of them just won a scholarship to study abroad, according to an announcement on his Facebook page a few days after his arrest.

‘Time for a tree and a rope’: Texas judge calls for a lynching after seeing black suspect’s mugshot

A judge in Burnet County, Texas is under fire for a racist comment he made on Facebook about a black suspect accused of murdering a police officer.

According to the Austin Statesman, County Judge James Oakley is under fire for typing “Time for a tree and a rope” under a mugshot of accused cop-killer Otis Tyrone McKane, who was arrested on Monday in San Antonio and charged with the shooting death of police Det. Benjamin Marconi.

Oakley has since taken down the post, but blogger Larry Landaker of PEC Truthwatch was able to take a screen capture of the offensive comment before it disappeared.

Oakley lynching post

“What Mr. Oakley suggested was racist. A sitting County Judge in Texas has suggested that a black man accused of a crime in Houston, TX should be lynched,” wrote Landaker. “Do the members and employees of PEC agree with Mr. Oakley’s statement? Do the people of Burnet County? I trust they do not agree. I hope they believe America to be a nation of laws and due process. The accused is entitled to a defense before a jury, however heinous the accusations against him may be.”

He continued, “This

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Alabama Bans Publishing of Prostitution Mugshots, Allows Cops to Hold Suspected Sex Workers for 72 Hours

modified mugshotsmodified mugshotsUnder a little-heralded new Alabama rule, it’s illegal to publish the mugshots of people arrested for prostitution. Alabama law now stipulates that these mugshots are “not a public record and may not be published in any printed or electronic media or provided to any person” without special permission from a district judge. “We’re trying to look at these women less as criminals and more as victims, and we don’t want to see them be revictimized,” said Rep. Jack Williams (R-Birmingham), who sponsored the legislation.

I’ve railed many times against the journalistic practice of publishing the mugshots of people arrested for prostitution or solicitation of prostitution. Considering the stigma surrounding prostitution, I think any “public interest” served in seeing the faces of those merely arrested for this misdemeanor offense is generally outweighed by the long-term damage it could do—especially in the Internet era—to the the lives and reputations of these individuals. But the decision whether to publish prostitution mugshots, or any mugshots, should be matter of journalistic ethics, not government mandate.

If Alabama lawmakers really believe that all people selling sex are victims, perhaps they should repeal laws that make

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