Kennedy grandson arrested in Aspen bar fight

  • John Conor Kennedy, 22,  was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday
  • He is the the oldest son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and grandson of Robert Kennedy
  • Police say he and another man were fighting in the street and rolling around on the ground when officers tried to separate them
  • Officers reported seeing Kennedy punch the man in the head four or five times 
  • Kennedy allegedly struggled against an officer who was trying to restrain him before they both fell into a snowbank 
  • Bystander had to help assist officer in restraining and handcuffing Kennedy 
  • Aspen police officer Andy Atkinson said: ‘I held on to Kennedy’s arms and rolled him over with assistance from a bystander on to his stomach’ 
  • Kennedy famously dated Taylor Swift when he was 18 and still in high school as she was 22 at the time of their summer 2012 romance

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