Arrest made in 2011 attempted murder

Key West is one small town, a recent arrest shows.

Police Officer Kuniko Keohane on Thursday checked some mug shots of wanted suspects and immediately knew the man accused of a 2011 parking-lot stabbing behind the Overseas Market shopping center, 2720 N. Roosevelt Blvd.

It was Juan Perez, 49, a homeless man she had spoken with as he worked outside the same shopping center where in 2011 police say he nearly killed another homeless man, Richard Roddy, who was then 56.

Keohane arrested Perez within two hours of seeing his mugshot, recalling she had spoken with him while he worked cleaning the parking lot of the same shopping plaza where he allegedly stuck a knife in Roddy’s chest and chased after him.

“I recognized the suspect as Juan Perez who I knew from contacts on the street,” Keohane wrote in the arrest report. “I went back to Overseas Market and found Perez sweeping up the parking lot.”

Perez had been arrested in 2011 but sent to a facility for the mentally ill, Key West police said, and later transferred to a low-level security lockup where he absconded.

“He still faces the original charge,” police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said.

Friday, Perez remained at the county jail

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