Trey Songz Arrested in Detroit for Giving Cop Concussion

As with many union venues, when your time is up, they will shut you down.

And so it was with RB star Trey Songz, who reportedly tore up the stage of the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit after his mic was cut.

“He told us how they said that he was taking up too much time, and that they were going to cut his mic,” 15-year-old Niasia Golden said to the Detroit Free Press of Wednesday night’s show. “So he kind of sang a song about it, and after that, they turned off the lights and cut his mic.”

Songz can be seen below saying he was going to “go the f–k crazy if they cut my mic off” and then singing, “Don’t do it.”

Online videos then show a shirtless Songz knocking things over on the stage and throwing them.

After the show, police, who say a cameraman was hit and injured

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