Fresno Unified bus driver was arrested on child pornography charges – KFSN

New information is unfolding as Fresno Police continue to investigate a Fresno Unified bus driver, Jeffrey Sipes, after he was first arrested Monday on child pornography charges.

Sergeant Israel Reyes said the task force in the Central Valley received a tip about a Gmail account that had uploaded some child pornography. He said they found over 600 downloaded images of pre-pubescent children at his home.

The 54-year-old Fresno resident bailed himself out that same night, but through their investigation, police made contact with a possible sexual assault victim.

“Detectives contacted this female, who’s an adult now, and she indicated she’s been sexually molested by Sipes many years ago,” said Reyes.

Police said Sipes was taken into custody again Wednesday morning around 10:30 a.m. at a family member’s house in Northeast Fresno and now faces a second charge for lewd acts with a child.

Fresno Unified said they notified parents and Sipes was placed on administrative leave as soon as they learned of his arrest. They also said Sipes drove students of all ages from elementary school to high school, but the district and police said they do not believe any students are victims.

“Fresno Unified is heartbroken to hear about this arrest and we hope that

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