Elderly couple who said they’d give weed as Christmas gifts arrested again

The elderly California couple who in December told authorities they were giving out marijuana as Christmas presents, was arrested again Tuesday on the same stretch of Nebraska highway.

Lancaster County (Neb.) Sheriff Terry Wagner said the couple was found in a car with $18,000 cash and a duffel bag with marijuana residue on it. The money was bundled and attached to “owe notes,” which spelled out marijuana transactions.

The black Toyota Tacoma truck was stopped by an officer at 9:42 a.m. on Interstate 80 westbound in Lancaster County, in the area of Lincoln, Nebraska. The couple’s daughter, 45-year-old Mariah Jiron, of Vermont, was driving. A K-9 officer detected the odor of narcotics on the car and the search found about $17,000 in one duffel bag, which contained the marijuana residue. Wagner said no drugs were found in the vehicle.

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Wagner said Patrick, 83, and Barbara Jiron, 80, were taken to jail on charges of possession of money while violating the state’s narcotics statutes. They were bonded out

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