‘I was seriously panicked’: Teacher ARRESTED after criticizing a superintendent’s $30k pay raise during a school …

The Louisiana teacher who was filmed this week being arrested at a school board meeting for objecting to the superintendent’s pay raise says she is upset that no one came to her defense and she is still waiting for an official apology.

Deshia Hargrave spoke exclusively to NBC’s Today Show on Thursday, describing the moment she was removed by force from a Vermilion Parish School Board meeting in Abbeville on Monday night and hauled off to the city jail, where she was processed and photographed for a mugshot.

‘I was seriously panicked,’ Hargrave recalled. ‘I have never been handcuffed in my life.’

Evoking the moment a school resource officer restrained her for allegedly showing resistance, the middle school English teacher said: ‘I just kept thinking, “This is really happening,’ he’s really doing this.’

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Louisiana middle school Deshia Hargrave sat down with Today Show on Thursday to talk about her arrest during a school board meeting

She is still upset and wants an apology

Louisiana middle school Deshia Hargrave

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