AG: Use of force by officers during Nov. Bonfire arrests ‘justified’

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Screen shot from video taken by a patron during an arrest outside Bonfire Country Bar.

CONCORD , NH — Manchester police were justified in using force last November in arresting several people outside Bonfire, a downtown Elm Street bar, according to New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald.

MacDonald said on Wednesday that his office had completed its review of the incident that occurred last Nov. 18. 

He also said that the police department’s review of the incident was “handled appropriately.”

Accusations of police brutality were raised after a video surfaced of the incident.

Senior Assistant Attorney Geoffrey W.R. Ward, chief of the Criminal Justice Bureau, said in a letter to Manchester Police Chief Carlo Capano that he concluded “the officers involved in this incident were justified in their respective uses of force.”

He came to that conclusion after reviewing the case file, officer’s narrative reports, videos obtained of the incident, as well as Response to Resistance Reports completed by responding officers.

Ward also reviewed a memo written  by Lt. Joseph Mucci concerning his administrative review of the incident.

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