Roger Stone shows how much better it is to get arrested when you’re rich

Early Friday morning, 29 heavily armed federal agents swarmed the home of Roger Stone, arresting him abruptly following his indictment on seven federal counts ranging from witness tampering to obstruction of justice. Despite the dramatic circumstances around his arrest and the severity of his charges — particularly the charge of witness tampering — Stone walked out of jail the same day as his arrest on a $250,000 promissory bond, which means he promises to pay that amount only if he fails to comply with his terms of release.

Stone, a former political adviser to Donald Trump, attacked special counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to have him arrested by an FBI SWAT team rather than allowing him to self-surrender. Mueller argued that doing so was necessary because of the high risk that Stone would destroy evidence or tamper with witnesses were he tipped off. Indeed, just last year, following his release on bail pending charges also brought by Mueller, Paul Manafort, another former Trump adviser and lobbying partner of Stone, was sent back to jail after he tried to tamper with witnesses while released on bail.

You would think that the real risk of Stone

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