Body of missing toddler found in ditch wrapped in blanket, 5 days after mother shot dead by father

The body of a child, believed to be that of a 2-year-old missing since her mother was shot dead by the child’s father on March 11, was found in a highway ditch in southeastern Minnesota.

Noelani Robinson was reported missing after her mother Sierra Robinson was found murdered in her Milwaukee, Wisconsin home. Noelani’s father Dariaz Higgins was arrested two days after the homicide and an Amber alert was sounded for the missing toddler.

The police reportedly found Noelani on Friday night wrapped in a blanket in the ditch. Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales announced the discovery on Saturday morning.


“This is going to be a death investigation,” Morales reportedly said after the recovery of the body, which was found by a Department of Public Works employee on the side of the road on Highway 218, near Austin, Minnesota.

“He called this tip into the local police department. Off of Highway 218 15 miles north of Austin, Minnesota (which is southwest of Rochester) and just off the shoulder was a blanket. Inside that blanket and wrapped in there was the body of a child we believe is that of Noelani,” Morales said.

Formal identification and preliminary autopsy results are

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