Louisville Metro Corrections employee arrested on assault, wanton endangerment charges

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Louisville Metro Corrections employee has been arrested on charges of assault and wanton endangerment. She’s accused of using a butter knife and steak knife in a domestic incident.

Police say on Wednesday night, they were called to the home of 29-year-old Reshayda Burns in the 2700 block of Timber Hills Road, near Arnoldtown Road. Police say the boyfriend called police.

According to an arrest report, Burns and her boyfriend got into an argument, causing her boyfriend to pack his belongings so he could stay at his father’s house. 

While he was packing, police say Burns grabbed a butter knife and tried to slash his tire. Instead, the man got between Burns and the vehicle, and Burns went inside the home to get a steak knife.

When she came out, police say she walked toward the man, slashing in the direction of his chest. Investigators say the boyfriend told them that Burns yelled at him, “You deserve to die!” 

Police say they found two cuts in the man’s hoodie that were left by the knife.

At that point, police say the man called police and went inside the home to get his clothes. That’s when Burns allegedly began punching and kicking him. 


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