Newport High School teacher arrested

NEWPORT — A Newport High School teacher was arrested Tuesday in what district officials said is a “legal matter unrelated to students or NHS.”

Stephen Andrew Sain, 38, who taught Health at Newport High School, was arrested by the Toledo Police Department on suspicion of stalking and contempt of court, according to the Lincoln County Jail register, and is being held at the jail on $6,000 bail.

Sain has no publicly available previous criminal record, and this seems to be his first criminal offense. Court records show the victim had a restraining order against Sain and he lied to police officers about violating that restraining order by driving by and coming up to her house, taking her trash and other behavior a court information document describes as alarming.

According to school district officials, Sain taught in the Lincoln County School District for two years and is now on administrative leave. A substitute teacher is now teaching Sain’s health class at Newport High School.

Sain’s next court date is Feb. 25 at 9:30 a.m.

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