NYPD identifies suspect in slaying of Gambino crime boss Frank Cali

The mafia didn’t kill Gambino boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali — a Staten Island knucklehead with a personal beef over a woman did, police and sources say.

Anthony Comello, a 24-year-old non-mobster who lives with his parents and works odd construction jobs, was in custody in a New Jersey jail and expected to face murder charges in connection to the killing of Cali, 53, police said Saturday.

The don was blasted at least 10 times outside his Todt Hill mansion on Wednesday, prompting initial speculation of a Gambino power struggle.

The real motive? Sources now believe Cali hadn’t liked Comello hanging around a particular woman in the mob boss’s family — and the younger man was so outraged by this slight, he slaughtered one of the most dangerous mafioso in Staten Island to get revenge.

Comello was arrested before the ire of the entire Gambino organization could thunder his way, but only thanks to his own alleged ineptitude.

Anthony Comello
Anthony ComelloFacebook

In a fleeting gesture that Comello may now have a lifetime in prison to regret, he had picked up and handed to Cali a fallen license plate moments before allegedly opening

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