Man Falsely Arrested By Joliet Police In 2017 Gets Case Expunged

JOLIET, IL – It’s been almost two years since Scott Kinsella was arrested by the Joliet Police Department on charges of domestic battery. He landed in the Will County Jail. He had his mugshot taken. He was focus of several local news media articles including one in the Joliet Patch.

A motorist saw Kinsella’s car weaving all over the road on West Jefferson Street, and suspected Kinsella was violently attacking his 17-year-old son. Kinsella says his son is developmentally disabled.

Many months later, in 2018, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office realized Kinsella had not committed any crime that day as he was traveling with his son. Criminal charges were dropped. Will County also expunged the case.

Kinsella, who lives in Manhattan, also told Patch the city of Joliet paid Kinsella’s entire bill of $940 for towing his vehicle and storing it for a few days following his arrest and detention at the county jail facility.

“It was towed illegally,” Kinsella said.

So what really happened on Aug. 24, 2017, inside Kinsella’s bright red sports car?

According to Kinsella, his special needs teenage son has had a long history of violent, explosive outbursts. Kinsella said there have been several

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