Federal lawsuit filed against New Holland Mayor, current and former police chief

A federal lawsuit has been filed by a Columbus law firm against the New Holland Mayor and current and former police chiefs.

Derek Myers is a freelance television news reporter and interim editor-in-chief of the Advocate

Walton + Brown LLP filed a federal civil rights complaint in the United States Federal Court Tuesday afternoon against the Village of New Holland and its Police Department, as well as the village’s mayor, Claire “Butch” Betzko, current police chief Chris Mosley, and former police chief William “Jason” Lawless. The suit is brought by the firm on behalf of journalist Derek Myers; Myers is a freelance television news reporter and interim Editor-in-chief of the Advocate.

Approximately two years ago, Myers learned information that the newly-launched New Holland Police Department was potentially carrying out illegal and/or unethical actions under the guise of protecting citizens, according to a news release from the law firm. Specifically, those actions included nepotism, illegal ticket quotas, unlicensed police officers, threats of force and coercion, and many more disturbing allegations.

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