Fade to Gray: Of mugshots and men | Local News

A guy I used to work with in television news moved away from the Capital Region for a better job.

About two years into his new adventure he made a boneheaded decision to break the law. He didn’t rob a bank or hurt anyone; it was one of those crimes that falls under the umbrella of being a stupid misdemeanor.

He immediately hired a lawyer, told his boss what he’d done and begged for forgiveness. Given the lack of severity to the crime he was given a good talking to and kept his job.

Unfortunately for him the local TV competition got wind of his arrest and ran news stories on it, publically embarrassing him and his employer. He was then fired. The charges were treated by the local District Attorney as minor so the man was given what’s known as an ACOD; “adjourned in contemplation of dismissal.”

In English that meant if he stayed out of trouble the case against him would just go away.

He has and it did so the legal case vanished like the morning mist. The problem is his arrest is now forever immortalized on the internet. In the few years since he made that one stupid mistake he hasn’t

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