On mugshots and criminal-justice reform | Commentary

On April 3, Olean Police and Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office emergency and special response team members, including a K-9 unit, surrounded a house on North Eighth Street. They tossed flash bang grenades and went in to arrest several people on drug-related charges.

In the scramble that ensued, four of the suspects attempted to flee from the house through upstairs windows but they were detained.

Four of the suspects were from Buffalo, one from Rochester and another from Jamestown. Olean police characterized each of the suspects as drug traffickers who had come to Olean to sell crack cocaine and heroin at higher prices than what they can get in their bigger cities.

Two of the suspects were charged in November in a felony robbery incident on St. Bonaventure University’s campus. Specific details and the nature of the incident have not been forthcoming from authorities, so we’ll just have to use our imaginations on what was behind that particular episode.

As is their usual procedure, Olean police released detailed information about the April 3 drug bust to the Times Herald, while also passing along mugshots of the seven people arrested in the raid. The array of mugshots appeared in the paper.

Because, you know, police in the

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