Why we shut down the ‘Mugshots’ page

Beginning today, May 23, you’ll no longer find the Leon County Sheriff’s Office booking report published on WTXL.com. This was not a rushed decision, but one we’ve come to after much thought and consideration.

The booking report was a mainstay on our website for years. For much of that time, it had its own section titled “Mugshots,” and was usually in our top-5 most visited pages on the website. Inside each report was a mugshot of every person who was booked into the county jail the day before, his or her charge(s), and the date he or she was released.

Each report is a snapshot frozen in time – one day in the life of the jail — from those accused of violent crimes to those caught with a fake ID.

Our newsroom leaders estimate that two to three times per week, a person will contact us asking to have the report from his or her day of arrest removed. The reasons are often similar – the charges were dropped, reduced or expunged from the person’s record.

These calls rarely come from those who’ve committed serious crimes, but more often they come from people who made a bad decision that resulted in

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