Mom Shamed, Locked Up, Shaken

Chantell Hamilton left her West River apartment to walk her 4-year-old daughter a block away to a school bus stop.

She returned a half hour later to find cops waiting to arrest her for allegedly leaving her 3-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son alone at home. Marched out in handcuffs in front of a wall of TV news cameras, she was subsequently slapped with a $25,000 bail bond and sent to lock-up at 1 Union Ave. for the afternoon until a neighbor bailed her out.

Hamilton, 28, told her side of what happened before, during, and after her June 6 arrest in a Thursday interview with the Independent in her and her husband’s second-story apartment at 80 Sherman Ave. She said she was glad, after her public shaming, to have a chance to speak for herself.

“It felt disgusting,” Hamilton said in tears as she recalled the humiliation of having her name and face plastered over the Internet after her arrest. “I cried when I got out. I stayed in the house for three days. Didn’t eat. Didn’t do nothing.”

Alerted by a housing authority inspector to the presence of unattended children in her apartment, police arrested Hamilton and charged her with two felony

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