5 ‘Teen Mom’ Mugshots You Need To See

Throughout the years, several members of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 TV shows faced arrest. In fact, some who’ve appeared on the popular MTV shows have made quite a career out of legal trouble.

Us Magazine reported reality stars Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood found themselves on the wrong side of the bars multiple times. In fact, overall, Evans has 15 mugshots to her name. Others like Farrah Abraham and Adam Lind posed for mugshots, but the public never saw them. In March 2013, Abraham received charges of DUI in Omaha, Nebraska. Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska’s ex, Lind, went behind bars after a 2017 arrest for violating a no-contact order. The franchise has so many stars who have been arrested that MTV even aired a Teen Mom OG episode called “Mugshot Mayhem.”

While plenty of the young mothers that Teen Mom followed beginning in 2009 are both good mothers (or fathers) and good citizens, there are plenty who have faced legal trouble throughout the years. With such fame and struggles at early ages, the adjustment to caring for babies and young children caused many of the reality TV stars to falter.

Of the mothers featured on the show, Evans and

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