White Arkansas woman arrested after pulling gun on black teens fundraising for football team | TheHill

A white Arkansas woman earlier this week was arrested and charged after allegedly pulling a gun on a group of black teenagers who were going door-to-door to raise funds for a high school athletic program. 

Jerri Kelly, the wife of Cross County Jail Administrator Joseph Kelly, is facing four counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor, according to The Associated Press

The news service noted that Kelly turned herself in on Monday, just days after she pulled a firearm on four African American teenagers. Police in Wynne, Ark., said in a statement that officers on Aug. 7 responded to a “suspicious persons” report and found Kelly standing with a gun over a group of teens lying on the ground, Memphis TV station WMC noted.

Wynne Police Chief Jackie Clark said that an officer allowed the teens to stand up after appearing on the scene. The teens then told him they had been selling cards to raise money for a school athletic program when Kelly pulled a weapon on them.

The Wynne school system told WMC that two of the teens were wearing their football jerseys while they were fundraising. 

Kelly turned herself in after the Cross County Sheriff’s

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