SEE IT: Kentucky clown arrested for lurking in woods

Kentucky cops aren’t clowning around.

A Middleboro Police officer who spotted a man dressed as a clown lurking in the woods in the middle of the night arrested the bozo for disorderly conduct.

Jonathan Martin, 20, was also charged with wearing a mask in public, a violation of city ordinance, LEX 18 reported. The arrest comes as a rash of bizarre clown sightings have cropped up in at least six southern states.

The officer was driving through Middleboro around 1 a.m. Friday when he noticed Martin crouching down in a wooded area just off the side of the road, police said. The 20-year-old was in a black-and-white clown jumpsuit and a sinister clown mask featuring black stars around the eyes and a tiny top hat.

Ala. woman, 22, arrested for making creepy-clown threats

Jonathan Martin, 20, was arrested in Middlesboro, Ky., for dressing as a clown and creeping in the woods.

Jonathan Martin, 20, was arrested in Middlesboro, Ky., for dressing as a clown and creeping in the woods.

(Middlesboro Police Department)

The creeping clown ran when the cops spotted

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Ex-NFL Star Greg Hardy Arrested for Cocaine Someone Slipped It in My Wallet

0926_greg_hardy_mushot_wmFormer NFL star Greg Hardy was arrested for possession of COCAINE late Sunday night in Texas … TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to the police report, Hardy was pulled over in a 2010 Dodge Challenger because he didn’t use a turn signal.

Cops say Hardy and his passenger told them they had just eaten at Applebee’s and were headed home. Police asked them if they had anything illegal inside the vehicle, and Hardy said no … and then gave them permission to search the car. 

Police say they found a Louis Vuitton wallet on the center console — which contained, “a purple plastic baggie containing a white pasty substance,” along with multiple gun range membership cards. They also found a brown weed grinder.

Cops say they tested the substance in the LV wallet — and it came back as cocaine. According to the report, Hardy told cops he didn’t know what it was and said someone must’ve put it in there when he passed his wallet around at a party the night before.

Hardy was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance — less than a gram. He was

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Woman arrested after falling through ceiling of Big Lots |


Police say a woman was arrested last week after she broke into a Springfield Big Lots store, climbed into the ceiling and then came crashing down to the floor.

Amanda L. Chandler, 30, was charged Thursday with second-degree burglary after police say they found her rummaging through the cash register at Big Lots in the middle of the night.

According to a probable cause statement, police were dispatched to the Big Lots on Kansas Expressway near Kearney Street just after 2 a.m. Thursday because the alarm was going off.

The responding officer noticed a window was broken out near the entrance of the business. The officer saw a woman — later identified as Chandler — standing toward the front of the business looking through a cash register, according to the statement.

The officer shined a flashlight at Chandler, and she ducked down and then ran to the back of the business, according to the statement.

Once she reached the back of the business, the statement says, Chandler climbed into

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CBB’s Stephanie’s Pratt former substance abuse and criminal record revealed… plus her scary mugshot

She may look like an all American princess with her blonde hair, tan and sweeter than sweet accent.

But Stephanie Pratt, who rose to fame on the The Hills and more recently Made In Chelsea, wasn’t always so squeaky clean.

The 28-year-old, currently staring in Celebrity Big Brother, was previously arrested for shoplifting during the height of her substance abuse problems.

Splash News
Stephanie Pratt mugshot from 2011
Nice throwback! Stephanie Pratt was arrested in 2006


The younger sister of Spencer Pratt was arrested after stealing $1,300 worth of merchandise from a Neiman Marcus in Honolulu back in 2006.

At the time she was working a production assistant on Lost which was shot there.

When she was search by cops a number of ‘harmful drugs’ were found in her bag, although she was just charged for second-degree theft and no drug charges.

What a difference a few years makes


Speaking previously about the incident she said: “When I was arrested I was so humiliated… because of all the drugs in me,

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Sam Worthington’s Disorderly Conduct Charge Dropped, Scary Mugshot Revealed!


Eek! Even though it’s low quality, the Avatar star’s jailhouse avatar is frightening!

The last time we laid eyes on Sam Worthington, he had full locks of furry goodness on his head AND his chest!

Now?! Other than the paintbrush looking patch on his chinny-chin-chin, those hair follicles have been all but terminated!! Fred Durst, anyone??

We wonder if they were damaged when he was pepper sprayed in Hotlanta Saturday?!

Maybe his barber gave him a bad cut this weekend and that’s why he was angry before arriving at Vortex!!

Either way, reports are surfacing that Sam’s hairy situation may be at an end. Apparently witnesses failed to appear in court today and all charges against the 36-year-old Australian actor have been dropped.

We’d tell him to take a chill pill, but what if a side-effect is baldness?

[Image courtesy of Atlanta City Detention Center.]

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Move Over Jeremy Meeks: Internet Lusts After New ‘Sexy’ Mugshot Guy

Oh, those cheekbones, those piercing eyes, that hint of danger.

Sean Kory, 29, is seen in a booking photo. (Credit: Santa Cruz Police Department)

Sean Kory, 29, is seen in a booking photo. (Credit: Santa Cruz Police Department)

Move over Jeremy Meeks, there’s a new bad boy in town when it comes to lawbreakers the Internet lusts after.

You might remember Meeks, the California man who, despite a rap sheet littered with charges related to gang membership, firearm possession and grand theft, became a viral sensation in June because of his attractive mugshot.

Now, Sean Kory has stolen the social media spotlight after his Halloween escapades and subsequent police photograph.

Police in Santa Cruz, California, said the 29-year-old dreadlocked man attacked a person dressed as a Fox News reporter during the city’s downtown festivities on October 31.

After Jeremy Meeks' booking photo was posted by the Stockton Police Department on its Facebook page on June 18, 2014, the image went viral.

After Jeremy Meeks’ booking photo was posted by the Stockton Police Department on its Facebook page on June 18, 2014, the image went viral.

Kory “attacked the victim telling him he ‘hates

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Convicted ‘Sexy Mugshot’ Felon Jeremy Meeks Released from Prison, Will Start Modelling Career

Remember in 2014 when convicted felon Jeremy Meeks became a viral sensation because of his extremely sexy mugshot photo? Well the media-dubbed “Hot Convict” has just been released from prison after serving his required time, and he already has a modeling contract lined up with White Cross Management and is about to start his new life as a professional model/thirst-maker.

The 32-year-old was initially arrested by police in Stockton, California for possession of a loaded firearm. He also had a police record.

His mugshot, featuring his stunning blue eyes and defined cheekbones and jaw, quickly went viral and was dubbed the sexiest mugshot ever. His viral fame got him noticed by Jim Jordan, who signed him to the talent agency.

He told ABC news last year that while in prison he focused on getting in regular workouts in order to maintain his camera-ready look in anticipation of his release.

This week, Meeks shared a message of thanks to his Instagram followers:

I want to thank

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Arkansas woman’s flawless photo is the latest sexy mugshot

By Kalhan Rosenblatt For

A woman who was arrested in Arkansas has been dubbed ‘Prison Bae’ after her flawless mugshot circulated online.

Sarah Seawright was arrested in Pulaski County in late April for failure to appear in court in connection to a 2014 arrest for a careless driving charge, New York Daily News reported. 

Despite her angelic looks, she has a mischievous past, including accusations of robbery, kidnapping and battery for a 2012 parking lot theft, KLRT reported.

#PrisonBae: Sarah Seawright was arrested in Pulaski County in late April for failure to appear in court. Her flawless mugshot (pictured) has sent Twitter into meltdown

#PrisonBae: Sarah Seawright was arrested in Pulaski County in late April for failure to appear in court. Her flawless mugshot (pictured) has sent Twitter into meltdown

'She could stab me 9 times and I'd apologize and buy her Chipotle,' wrote Lil Nicki Vert on Twitter of the Arkansas woman 

‘She could stab me 9 times and I’d apologize and buy her Chipotle,’

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Funny on FOX Nation: Ohio Woman Puckers Up For Outrageous Viral Mugshot

Facebook: Wickliffe Police Department

By: Peter Rugg (UK Daily Mail)

An Ohio woman’s run in with the law likely would’ve stayed in Ohio if only she’d resisted the urge to make the ridiculous face displayed in her mug shot which is now going viral.

According to a post on the Wickliffe Police Department Facebook page, Angela Green, 34, was arrested after refusing to leave her hotel room at the Quality Inn Saturday.

Shortly after noon, the hotel’s management called police requesting help in getting Green and male companion Brian Baker, of Cleveland to leave room 253. 

Cleveland woman Angela Green took an outrageous mugshot Saturday when she was arrested after refusing to leave her hotel room room

‘The officer explained that they needed to leave or rent the room for another day and the female became loud and uncooperative.’ the post noted.

‘As the couple was being escorted from the building it was discovered that she had provided fictitious information,’ the post continued. ‘Once outside, the female continued to become loud and uncooperative and refused to identify herself. After a brief struggle the female was arrested and transported to the WPD.’

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Funny mugshot shows teen was arrested just as he was attempting to go incognito

A Michigan teen didn’t have enough time to escape authorities, according to this unfortunate photo.

Codi James Antoniello, 19 (Photo by Ottawa County Sheriffs Office)

Codi James Antoniello, 19 (Photo by Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office)

Codi James Antoniello, 19, and a 16-year-old teen were arrested after authorities say they attacked a man with a pickaxe and a baseball bat, Grand Rapids’ WOOD-TV reported.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Antoniello as he was shaving his head, probably in an attempt to alter his appearance. He has now been charged with felony assault and first-degree home invasion.

The victim is reported to be in good condition.

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