Cop who arrested Meek Mill suspected of racial bias and abuse

Meek Mill’s legal team is launching a breakthrough bid to free the jailed rapper after it was revealed the police officer who arrested him was secretly on a DA’s list of cops suspected of framing suspects and lying in court.

It has just emerged that the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office secretly compiled a list of around two dozen police officers with an alleged history of lying, racial bias, brutality or abuse of power to block them from testifying in court again. Reports said the list was compiled in 2017, but other sources say earlier versions could date back as far as the 1990s.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the list includes Officer Reginald V. Graham, who arrested Meek in 2007 on gun and drug charges and testified against him in court. Last year, Meek was jailed for up to four years for violating his probation linked to this original case, stirring an outcry against the criminal justice system.

Stars including Jay Z, Super Bowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles and Olympic snowboarder Tit Stante have campaigned for Meek’s release, with Jay saying, “For about a decade Meek’s been stalked by a system that considers the slightest infraction a justification for

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Midvale parents arrested following five-month child abuse investigation

MIDVALE – Unified Police arrested and charged two parents with Child Abuse charges on Friday afternoon following a five-month investigation.

According to the Unified Police Department and the US Marshals Service, Andrea Kendrick and her husband Antoine Scott have been under investigation since September of 2017.

The two children involved underwent a wellness check after a physician raised malnourishment and neglect concerns. Unified Police say the physician recommended the parents “immediately take the two children to Primary Children’s Hospital.”

After two days without receiving the recommended treatment, the children were taken into custody by the State of Utah.

Unified police say the children are now recovering from their “malnourished state.”

Felony charges of Child Abuse have been filed with the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office.

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Fourth person arrested on animal abuse charges this week in …


A list of El Paso’s most wanted fugitives.

El Paso police arrested another suspect accused of animal cruelty, bringing the total number of arrests this week to four people in unrelated incidents.

Oyuki Diaz, 30, was arrested at about 2 p.m. Thursday on an outstanding criminal warrant in connection with two pit bulls found in July with injuries and signs of neglect, El Paso Police Department officials said.

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More: Police release mugshot of man arrested on suspicion of throwing, beating dog

Police officers assisted El Paso Animal Services in connection with the dogs July 24 at a home in the 14400 block of Pacific Point Drive in East El Paso, officials said.

Officers found a 2-year-old female pit bull “tied to pallets with no slack to move,” officials said.

Another pit bull was found in an above-ground pool with only its head above water. The dog was only able to keep its

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Madison County Sheriff’s Investigator arrested on sex abuse charge had been investigated before on similar claim

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Through sources and records requests, WHNT News 19 has learned that the arrest of Madison County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Roland Campos for the alleged sexual abuse might not have been as shocking to his employer as originally implied.

In August, we confirmed that police had arrested and charged Campos through sources. His mugshot did not appear on the jail’s public website, like anyone else arrested in Madison County. Every step of the way we’ve had to take action and press the issue to learn who knew what and when.

The sheriff’s office held a press conference on August 21st, three days after the arrest, saying they acted quickly. Sheriff’s Spokesperson Lt. Brian Chaffin said the office worked with both Huntsville Police and the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time the sheriff’s office had handled a child sex abuse complaint.

In fact, we’ve now learned it wasn’t the first time the sheriff’s office had handled a child sex complaint against Campos himself.

After WHNT News 19 had collected the information through three sources, Lt. Chaffin finally confirmed to us last week, months after the arrest, that in 2008, the sheriff`s office requested that Campos be investigated by

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Man accused of abuse wanted an ‘epic and savage’ mugshot. Others say it’s a disgrace

Brandon Trice Harmon wanted an “epic and savage” mugshot. So he wore a blond wig and fake glasses when he posed last month.

He was arrested in Major County, Okla., on a misdemeanor warrant for domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor.

He has a smirk on his face in the photo. But the family of the victim of his alleged crime is not amused that county law enforcement officials allowed the picture to be taken that way.

“It was like they made a mockery of the Domestic Abuse Awareness Month,” Kathy Lambert, the victim’s mother, told the Enid News Eagle.

“They just took pictures of the deputies wearing ‘We support domestic violence month’ shirts, but yet they let this happen.”

Sheriff Steve Randolph would not comment to local media about the photo, which Lambert saw in the October issue of Jailbirds, which publishes mugshots.

She accused Randolph of giving Harmon, 34, special treatment because the two men are friends.

“Nobody else gets that opportunity,” she said. “It’s just a slap in the face to all the women who are abused daily. It’s a sad crime that happens daily, it was just a disgrace.”

A warrant for Harmon’s arrest was issued

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Woman arrested and charged with abuse after child reportedly injured at church daycare

MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — A worker at a church daycare in Moody is charged with abusing a child, according to police.

The incident occurred May 3 at Bethel Baptist Church.

Ashleigh Brooke Guin, 25, was arrested by Moody Police Wednesday morning. Investigators said the 3-year-old girl’s mother called police after she saw bruises and scratches on her daughter.

Investigators looked at the child’s injuries and surveillance video from the church.

After discussions with the district attorney’s office, a warrant was issued for Guin’s arrest. Parents at the day care said a note was sent home Wednesday.

“I see both sides, I understand, I would be upset if it were my child too,” said Betsy Fontenot.

Fontenot said her little one has been going to Bethel Wee Care every day of the week. Despite allegations against Guin, Thursday will be no different.

“We have been there since January and I tell you, my child won’t go anywhere else. We absolutely love it,” said Fontenot.

Moody Police told CBS 42 they received the video from the child’s family. Some parents wondered if the church would have even reported the incident to investigators.

The church’s pastor, Dr. Josh Burnham told CBS 42 that he could not make any comments. Burnham added that

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Woman wanted for elder abuse arrested; police believe she had been "on a road trip"


The woman accused of beating a 94-year-old woman has been arrested. 

Brenda Floyd, 59, was arrested at about 2:30 a.m. Friday by Houston Police who found her in the parking lot of an apartment complex. They received a tip from someone who recognized her, a spokeswoman said. She is now in the Houston jail, but will be moved later today to the Harris County jail. The automatic bond on her charges is $5,000 but she will have to appear before a magistrate, who will review that bond and any conditions, prior to her being able to post the bond and seek release, the spokeswoman said. 

The tip that sent police to the 7200 block of Fulton Street in Houston was the first tip Houston-area authorities had that Floyd was in Texas since January 5. 

“We don’t know, but my guess is that she’s been on a road trip,” said Ray Schultz, assistant chief of the Memorial Villages Police Department. “It’s my understanding she’s been on the run.”

Memorial Villages Police launched the investigation of Floyd the first week of January after her son provided them with video that appears to show

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CBB’s Stephanie’s Pratt former substance abuse and criminal record revealed… plus her scary mugshot

She may look like an all American princess with her blonde hair, tan and sweeter than sweet accent.

But Stephanie Pratt, who rose to fame on the The Hills and more recently Made In Chelsea, wasn’t always so squeaky clean.

The 28-year-old, currently staring in Celebrity Big Brother, was previously arrested for shoplifting during the height of her substance abuse problems.

Splash News
Stephanie Pratt mugshot from 2011
Nice throwback! Stephanie Pratt was arrested in 2006


The younger sister of Spencer Pratt was arrested after stealing $1,300 worth of merchandise from a Neiman Marcus in Honolulu back in 2006.

At the time she was working a production assistant on Lost which was shot there.

When she was search by cops a number of ‘harmful drugs’ were found in her bag, although she was just charged for second-degree theft and no drug charges.

What a difference a few years makes


Speaking previously about the incident she said: “When I was arrested I was so humiliated… because of all the drugs in me,

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